*thank you…

to everyone who helped us with the yard sale! we had help carrying items from in the house to outside; pricing items; setting up yard sale signs; taking pictures; help with adding up people item’s and collecting the cash; help cleaning up; help carrying items to people trucks; and on and on and on!

*thank you to everyone who bought our stuff! we had two-days of complete chaos + complete success!

*thank you to our neighbors who were very very patient with the huge traffic jams in our neighborhood.

with everything said and done, we feel like we are one more big step closer to our move. and, for all of you who have asked – we will be leaving at the end of June/early July.

my little cardboard cash register did a great job and now my kiddos are very excited to be playing with it!   sela’s lemonade/macaron stand was the highlight of the weekend for our little miss four!  she loved having a real shop!  and, we even sold the lemonade stand!  *bonus!*  if you are local and looking for yummy macarons – ours came from ‘le petit macaron’ and they have a blog you can contact them through, here.

we repurposed grandma pat’s frappuccino bottles for the lemonade glasses. they are a very affordable milk-glass-replacement! you can also use this idea, here, for cute goodies in the same bottles! {i’m thinking about doing those candy bottles for christmas treats this year.}

ok. i know i mention pinterest all the time. but i really can’t get over how much i love it & how inspiring it is! if you have tried to register & it doesn’t allow you to… let me know, and i can send you an invite. this lemonade stand was the inspiration for mine, and also – target has the best {really affordable} lemonade stand items right now! you can find the banner we used for $1.50 in their seasonal items , and the money box + so many more items are available!

plus: bex’s little mister – the handsome blue-eyed max!

our moosey. she and kj were not big fans of the yard sale crowds. but, every once in a while she made a cameo appearance to help with the cash register or lemonade stand. we rarely spotted kj, he stayed inside for most of the weekend till it was all over! he was very happy when his friends came to shop, but came inside for a little xbox time!

moi & lu. i tried to take advantage of “friends & family night” to give everyone i love one final big squeeze. if you came to our yard sale & i didn’t get a chance to see you/talk to you/squeeze you – here’s big virtual {{{HUGS}}}

there were moments at the yard sale that got a little crazy – our neighborhood also has a ‘parade of home’ {see here} right now & on friday night – we thought the sale would be casual and fun with just friends & family – but because of the cars/traffic near our home – some people THOUGHT our home was the parade home, and we had a HUGE crowd at times. Which, was good in the end – because we sold so much stuff – but, at one point, i caught a strange old man walking through our home and i had to run in and explain to him that he couldn’t just walk through our home! he said, “oh! i thought that was what we were supposed to do!” eeeks!

also: the darling brunette on the right is our esthetician. {my girls and i are going to really miss her!} she has the adorable blog, “::pack:: of fixations” here. she and her husband have a new-business-venture taking off right now. and trust me, you want what she’s making!

heather is a darling friend, who was a fabulous shopper at the sale!!! we discovered how we were connected between her older sis and other people this year & it’s been so fun getting to know her better.

if you are looking for a blog-makeover, i cannot recommend this girl enough! she has sick kills with design and layout. check out ‘heather rita’s sweet shop, here!

bodie & bella. bella is a little bestie of sela’s. with names like sela & bella, they were destined to be friends! plus, we always call sela… “sela-bella!”

they were cute little lemonade-stand helpers.

bex – moi – shelby {and shelby’s l’il jane}
shelby is the owner of the local shop soel, that i can’t mention enough! this past week i won a $100 gift certificate to soel, i have a feeling it was their very nice way of bidding me farewell. ::winks::
it is my favorite place to shop – ever! and…
i kinda dream about owning a shop like that some day… maybe in boston!
{love these women!}

i absolutely love this picture. oh man, it’s precious. this is kiana with her three very-very-best-friends. these girls are golden.

bex came to the yard sale with her camera-in-hand to document the event for me. and, these pictures have been so fun to see after-the-exhaustion-of-it-all! she is still one of the best photographers i know, i always love her style of shooting. check out her blog, here. {and then, schedule a shoot with her!}

***DAY TWO***

we were up & going very early, after very little sleep.

bex was a two-day trooper! she even brought me diet coke at 9am on day two! it is one of the only things that kept me going…
she was also great at filling in for sela when she went missing from her stand!

you can see by this picture – the crowds were less & the stuff was too, on day two.

my mom & sister were non-stop busy at the cash register for two days –
i have no idea how we would have pulled off this yard sale without them!

and now, our life slows down just a bit. the yard sale was by far our biggest-moving-project!
we are mostly-packed, it’s crazy seeing our home without all of the rugs, pictures, furniture, etc.
it really shows that a house is just a shell to the love that thrives here. we create the home.
and, our next home will become another nest for us.

just the last items we are still using will slowly get packed the next couple of weeks.
and, we are planning mini-going-away parties for each kiddo.

…a little more work and lots more play before we go!





in case you somehow missed the announcement that we are having a yard sale this coming weekend: 6/11/11…

please take note!

THIS weekend:
Saturday, JUNE 11, 2011
we live in a gated community & the gates will open at 9am, so please don’t come early –
it’s causes a LOT of traffic congestion in our little area.

if you would like to come & need our address –
email me: jane{at}prolook{dot}com

sela~bella will be having a lemonade/macaron stand!
she’s pretty excited about this in all her four-year-old-glory.
we started designing her stand this weekend –

one more cardboard box project for us!

and, miss eleven and mr. eight have been on a duct-tape project{s} frenzy…
they will be selling some little goodies, too.

i’ll share more about that later, because really,
it’s a great way to keep your kids occupied during summer vacation: duct tape.

happy monday!


yard sale: in fifteen days!

we are still going non-stop around here to prepare for our yard sale…
less is amore, so we are clearing things out!


i couldn’t resist making this cute cardboard cash register!
seriously, i could make things out of cardboard as a career!
big-time-obsession! {hey, my kids like it – gives them something to play with later!}

i was inspired here, on oh, hello friend blog. then, the same cash register popped up on pinterest. and, as i’ve said before – i love pinterest. best invention this year. have you joined yet?!? if you need an invite, let me know.

also, we have our signs ready! check out the picture above, and memorize those signs – if you live in orem, there will be thirty of them leading you to our home on June 11th. 9am-noon. mark your calendars – set your cell phone alerts! but, please don’t arrive early.

also, a huge shout-out to hannah at ‘my coupon habit’ blog – she featured our yard sale here this week! you should definitely check out her site if you are a local, she stocks it full of good deals!

thank you, m’dear!


{photos by me.}


YARD SALE: in four weeks!


save the date! in two months it will be time for our annual…

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