happy weekend + spring break!

…our kids have the next nine days to play! wooo*hoooo! we have nine days of beautiful plans. first, the boston marathon is monday and it goes right past our house! so, we will be cheering all day long – especially for a few of our friends. one being shannon herbert child who will be staying with us {+husband} for a few days. i love playing tourist with friends in town. now that we’re so local and all. ::wink::

we have red sox tickets + i have one on one dates with my kids planned + late movie nights + bike rides + more!

before i leave you… i wanted to share a little something. one of our yoga instructors ends her classes with excerpts from her journal. she’s a beautiful writer, and while talking to us this week she asked our class —

not only, what inspires you, but why do those things/people/situations/art/whatever it is – why does it inspire you?

please share with me your thoughts.

on an entirely different note, the blogging community has had a few articles lately focusing on reading blogs/facebook/whatever social network you can fit in here/etc and comparing ourselves to individuals who seem “perfect” or have the “perfect life” or are “perfect mothers.” these articles seem to appear regularly throughout the blogging community. and, on occasion i will hear people also make comments in regards to the same topics.

why? why do people compare themselves to others?

a little something to think about over the weekend. i’ll be back monday to discuss this a bit more…  see you then.  xoxo.

{image by me.}

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weekend 9

happy weekend!

this weekend is packed with goodness. first, sela will be dancing in her first competition with the lil dance team she is on. we are all excited to cheer for her! she has already asked that we don’t forget her flowers. {the details little sis has absorbed after years of watching big sis perform!} kiana, one of her ballet friends, and i have tickets to this. girls night out! kiana is thinking about attending this dance studio next year so we are attending their 2011 show to scope-out the dance scene. myla is going to her first birthday party since we’ve moved to boston. we’ll be celebrating st. patrick’s day here. i’m making my first corned beef & cabbage dinner with advice from our local whole foods butcher. lets hope i don’t mess up! and, more of this. i’m obsessed!

what are your plans??? if you are in boston, boston mamas does a great run down of weekend events here!

{all photos by me, with these photo props.}

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happy weekend!

it’s getting closer, so i created an entire display on our chalkboard wall to start the countdown!

miss thirteen and i will be going to nyc at the end of the month,
then about a week later… husband + our other three kiddo’s + their auntie will be driving our stuff across the country to boston.
thank goodness for an auntie who loves to drive!

miss thirteen and i will take a train after her dance nationals are finished in nyc and meet the rest of our family in b-town.

so. did you read that correctly? my husband is going to be driving our kids across the country + a large truck + a trailer + our two vehicles… {with his sister} WITHOUT ME!

brave papi, right? i am a bit torn – i’m happy that i’ll be comfy in nyc watching my oldest dance,
and i’m bummed to be missing the experience of driving across the country!
we might not do that again.

their goal is to drive 600 miles per day, for four days.

any advice?

our kids are good travellers – but. you know… that is a LOT of driving!!!

what are your plans this weekend?

i will be… packing, and organizing. and sorting items for our yard sale. and pricing items for the yard sale.
and going to kj’s baseball games + a couple little “school’s out!” parties + a few other kid activities + we’ll be having our first official visit to grandma’s new apartment.

she moved last week & is all settled in her new place. it’s really strange not having her around –
she always got the mail each afternoon –
so, our mail tends to sit in the mailbox for a day or two at a time now… till we realize WE NEED TO GET IT!

she always took the garbage cans out to the curb when it was garbage day,
so… we have missed garbage day twice now and have a lovely pile of stuffed garbage bags just sitting in our garage now!

sela asks everyday to visit grandma, so this visit has much-anticipation.


and again, i am shocked with your responses to my “going, going, gone.” post.

i have to say, i can’t find the comment now – but, the woman who is in the military and reads my blog everyday to keep in touch with “home” – you managed to put me entirely over the edge emotionally. which, i’m always on that edge, but you were still entirely successful. every comment {well, minus that one} has been so sweet, and genuine. it seems so silly to me that i inspire people! i most definitely seek the blogging world for inspiration, and find a common love of goodness here. but, really folks – when i thought i’d get a few comments like, “hey. good luck packing, and travel safely to boston!” or “i really like that quote, -you are not a tree- hahaha!” i had no idea i would get soul-bearing comments from so many people!

oh dear, my heart is overwhelmed. i truly want to invite you all to read, when husband returns home we will discuss this further… {he’s totally on your side, and he has my back too 100% of the time… if you noticed that in the comments – ha!} i just have to weigh out the safety of some issues we are going through, and in the end, we’ll have a solid answer.

till then – please, have a happy weekend!


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this is how my brain works…


When your environment is cluttered,
the chaos restricts your ability to focus.
The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information.
Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information
as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment.

does clutter distract you? yes? no?

read more here.
{via here}

happy weekend!

what are your plans?!?

i will be de-cluttering.
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