love is in the air :: valentine home tour

friends, i have a real valentines date tomorrow night. {!!!!!!!!!} i don’t think my husband has been in town for valentines day in over a decade. and technically, he won’t be here this year either, he goes out of town early that morning. but. we have a real date scheduled for valentines eve… at a swanky restaurant, with friends! and i plan on wearing heels. this is big time. do you have plans?

the season of love is in full swing around our home. check it out:

antlers with heart garland via seejaneblog

valentines day around the house via seejaneblog

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

heart doily garland via seejaneblog

valentines chalkboard with pom pom garland via seejaneblog

valentines day antlers via seejaneblog

spread the love peeps! xo.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}


DIY yarn-wrapped canvas

creating change. since i took down my christmas decorations i’ve been craving change. something new. specifically: a new large piece of art. so, this is what i did:

i picked up a 36″ x 48″ white canvas with my 40% off coupon from JoAnns. i chose some new thick wool yarn in an almost-ombre selection of colors + red, and started wrapping my canvas! the red was chosen in honor of valentines day.

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

all you need:

  • canvas
  • yarn
  • scissors

DIY yarn wrapped canvas supplies via seejaneblog

when the blizzard came to town, i had plenty of time to wrap yarn around a canvas! from start to finish, this entire project took me about ninety minutes. i started and finished each color by a simple knot on the back of the canvas as seen here:

DIY yarn wrapped canvas how-to via seejaneblog

that little section of red… i plan on switching it out with other colors depending on the season. next: an emerald green for st. patrick’s day. then: a mustard yellow for spring and summer!

DIY yarn wrapped canvas up close via seejaneblog

this is the cherub babies month to shine!!!

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

if what you seek doesn’t exist, create it. in art. in life.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}


minecraft valentines + free printable!

as promised, here are the “boy” valentines for this year. however, i use the term boy loosely – at our house, minecraft is a very co-ed passion. my son kj, and my younger two daughters all enjoy playing minecraft – with that said, kj is the true video game playa at our house. so, i really wanted to create something minecraft-related for his valentines this year.

i have been thinking about this valentine idea for weeks and i believe the possibilities are endless. for example, i could have used the word, “mine” a few dozen different ways! finally i settled on wishing you a crafty valentines day! — and the card includes a craft!

minecraft valentines + free printable via seejaneblog

if you follow me on instagram {@see_jane} then you know my kiddos have fun with these minecraft box heads. the inspiration for our valentines!

minecraft box heads via seejaneblog

the valentine card includes a template for one mini box head that can be used in a variety of ways! mini pyramids, lego heads, and pencil toppers!

minecraft valentine mini box heads via seejaneblog

KJ is my least interested child in valentines day, so he was very pleased that all he had to do for his cards was sign his name!

minecraft valentines with my mister via seejaneblog

since we are snowed-in, and waiting for the blizzard of 2013 to pass, my little mister and i made a whole bunch of the mini minecraft boxes this afternoon. we came up with lots of ways to play with them. the steps are easy:

  • trim
  • fold
  • tuck
  • glue

if you want to make the minecraft box a lego head, or pencil topper… simply punch holes in the bottom square before you tuck and glue! also, KJ is going to tell his friends at school to photo copy the valentine at home before they get crafty, if they want more than one.  post-project advice: elmer’s glue sticks work great.  but, we used our hot glue gun when we wanted to make a whole bunch really quick.

minecraft valentines box pencil toppers via seejaneblog

minecraft lego box heads, printable via seejaneblog copy

minecraft valentines + free printable

DOWNLOAD the minecraft valentine here, i recommend printing the cards on white card/cover stock. currently, we are not allowed to drive here in boston. but, if i can get to a store soon, i think it would be cute to include a small pair of scissors and glue stick with each card in a little bag.

have you heard the news on the street? there is a new, trendy, video app! it’s called, “vine” and we are just as obsessed with it as instagram! hard to believe right? vine is a fun way to see and share life in motion. create short, beautiful, looping videos for your friends and family to see. if you have a smart phone and get the app, you can follow my video adventures as “Jane Rhodes.” i made a six second-looping video how-to-create the minecraft valentine boxes! check it out! the creative possibilities with vine are endless. i absolutely love it.

lots of love sent to you minecraft fans today! xo.

{production, styling, and photos by Jane Rhodes. graphics by lovely lindsay for seejaneblog.}


cheerleader valentines + free printable

how many more things can i create with a yarn ball? ha! here’s one more! this idea came to me a few months ago when i was wrapping my fingers one afternoon to make a yarn ball, and thought, pom poms! of course! we cheer with pom poms! three cheers for valentine’s day! i instantly visualized a little card with a tiny cheerleader. and….. this idea is perfect timing this year since my little bug sela has been obsessed with cheerleaders!

soon after i had this idea, i asked my very talented friend merrilee of mer mag blog to create the illustration on the front of the card for me. would you look at how cute it turned out! i love it!

cheerleader valentines via seejaneblog

if you’d like to make these at home, you will need:

yarn & scissors to make yarn ball bookmarks, i have a tutorial here.
download the free cheerleader valentine here and print on white card stock.
paper hole puncher
washi tape

to start, punch holes about one inch away from the cheerleaders hands.

valentines with free printable via seejaneblog

write the to & from greetings on the back | thread the yarn ball bookmark tail through the holes | secure in place, and tape down with a small piece of washi tape | roll the remaining yarn up into a little spiral, and tape down again to hold the long bookmark tail in place.  my sela loved helping to assemble the cards.

pom pom valentine how-to via seejaneblog

showing-off the yarn-ball book marks in one of our new favorite books:

extra yarn book with yarn ball bookmark via seejaneblog

extra yarn book with pom pom bookmark via seejaneblog

front | back – each friend will receive two bookmarks sans candy! {no candy/treats allowed at our schools.}

cheerleader valentines with pom pom bookmarks via seejaneblog

DIY cheerleader valentines with free printable via seejaneblog

three cheers for valentines day! xo.

p.s. if you follow me @see_jane on instagram, i am giving away TWO sets of these cheerleader valentine’s {10-15/set, assuming these are for the girls in a class and each class usually averages 10-15 girls, let me know the exact amount you need upon wining} this week! deadline is Friday, February 8th at 5pm EST. to enter:  follow @see_jane, re-post the picture that correlates with the giveaway on my instagram feed, and hash tag #seejanevalentine to enter. the winners will be chosen from the hash tags. the valentines will be sent to you and delivered by Feb. 13th. good luck!

p.p.s.  i have one more original valentine idea i’ll be posting soon! {for the boys.}

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes. valentine illustration by the talented Merrilee Liddiard of MerMag for seejaneblog.}


$150 MINTED valentine art print giveaway

one of my favorite events at alt summit is the “sponsor dinners.” on the eve before classes and all the party-ing begins, alt sponsors and the best restaurants in salt lake city host complimentary dinners for groups of alt attendees. you get a great meal and a chance to hang out with some of your favorite blogging buddies.

this year, i wanted to meet and mingle with the talented people from minted, so i signed-up for their sponsored dinner at cucina tuscana. minted went above and beyond with the decorations, menu choices, custom notebooks for each guest, and of course the company!

if you haven’t visited minted before, allow me to introduce you to an amazing custom card-inviation-party resource. minted has an endless amount of styles to chose from, all created by independent designers who receive a portion of each sale. every design can be customized to fit your color scheme and is printed on paper so pretty you won’t be able to put it down. in the past year, i used minted for sela’s birthday invitations and our christmas cards {i didn’t blog about those – but i will one of these days!}

right now, minted has classroom valentines that you can order and have your kiddos hand-out at school! a set of 15 start at only $16. {if you order them TODAY, you can still receive them by 2/13!}

minted valentine via seejaneblog

in honor of cupids holiday, i am thrilled to be partnering with minted to give one seejaneblog reader an 11×14 valentine art print, framed! this generous gift is valued at $150! to enter, simply visit the minted website, check out their valentine art – leave a comment below telling me which one is your favorite, and one winner will be announced via random.org on friday morning, February 8th! i am especially crushing on these three: one, two, three. i also adore the valentine card shown above that can be folded in to a little origami heart. when you place your order from minted, have high expectations, because they are ready to impress you.

happy browsing and best of luck! xo.


the winner is:

minted giveaway winner

congratulations, lindsay! minted will be in touch with you soon.


kiwi crate :: pop-up valentines

hey friends. happy martin luther king day! i am posting from a salon in utah while i sit with my laptop on my lap and tin foils all over my head! getting my hair done is one of my favorite things ever. you?

last week, kiwi crate sent us their valentine crate, and i wanted to start the week off by sharing the details with you! first, this crate full of crafty goodies was the perfect distraction for my sela when i was packing for Alt. Summit. she does not like her momma leaving her and i was having a hard time getting anything done with her tugging at my leg!

happy mail saved the day!

kiwi crate valentines crate via seejaneblog

what i like the most about kiwi crate is after sela opens the crate, and i give her a few simple instructions for the project, she can do it all on her own…

kiwi crate valentine's crate via seejaneblog

kiwi crate valentine's box goods via seejaneblog

sela was having so much fun. she would make a pop-up valentine, write a personal message, and immediately run the cards to her friends on our street. {why wait till february 14th?}  i adore the little robot with googly eyes, isn’t it cute?!?  if you want to make homemade valentine’s, but avoid the task of gathering supplies, this crate is the answer!

kiwi crate valentines via seejaneblog

kiwi crate pop-up valentines via seejaneblog

see jane blog welcomes kiwi crate as an affiliate this month. if you are interested in ordering a crate for a kiddo in your life, you can  find the logo + link on my sidebar to the right. it will be right there, if you need quick access.

We are kiwi crate fans!


photos by me, Jane Rhodes. this is a sponsored post, if you have a shop or product that you think would be a good fit for seejaneblog and are interested in a sponsorship, i’d love to hear from you! email me at jane@prolook.com for more information.


happy LOVE day!

Chalk lettering time-lapse video by Dana Tanamachi for The By & By design/lifestyle blog

she is so talented.
see more of Dana Tanamachi’s chalk art, here.



yarn wrapped kraft bags

in honor of valentine’s day tomorrow, i came up with an easy, inexpensive way to spruce up plain kraft bags —
simply wrap yarn around the handles, and voila!
you now have a snazzy little keepsake bag to give your valentine a gift in…

step 1: starting on one side of the handle, tie your yarn in a knot.

step 2: wrap the yarn around the handle.

step 3: at the end, using strong tape {i recommend clear packaging tape}, tape the end in place inside the bag.

get creative with this! ♥

my other valentine ideas for this year, herehere – and here!

{all photos by me.}

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