design {a} fort #5

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before we head in to this three-day holiday weekend, i want to introduce you to my friend kristina from my love nest. she is so beautiful, with the most amazing eye for style. recently she posted a picture of this darling fort on instagram and instantly i was hoping she would let me share her creation here! lucky for all of you, she obliged!

check this out, drool over these photos – and then spend some time with those you love this weekend.
build a fort. and cherish the moment. xoxo.


When Jane asked to feature my little fort on her blog I was so flattered! She is a true inspiration to me in all aspects!

My inspiration for this fort came from the movie, The Holiday. I fell in love with the Fort that was in the little girls room and knew I wanted to make something similar for my girls. Years later I finally had it in me so I gathered some old curtains, a sheet and a vintage tablecloth that I added Pom poms to. I surprised my girls originally on Christmas eve, complete with Christmas lights. As soon as I saw the blossoms on our backyard tree, it was time for a tea party with friends.

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My kids are all asleep, and husband is in the philippines. which means i have a very quiet house minus the animals attacking my garbage cans outside my office window. I have been up late packing for an unexpected trip. On thursday morning I will be taking the kiddos to Nevada, where we will meet up with husband and attend my father-in-laws funeral on friday. He passed away yesterday – on May 21st. Technically, he had a stroke that caused serious damage. But mostly, it was the end of a health battle that had gone on over the past few years.

When you receive a phone call with bad news – first, someone is calling who you don’t usually hear from – or, they call late – or, there is a pause immediately in the beginning of the phone conversation and whichever one of these happens. you know. i received the first call like this on sunday evening, and have been reflecting on our papa’s life ever since.

Alexander Forbes a.k.a. papa was an extraordinary man. Tall. Strong. In my memories he’s always wearing a white or black track suit. He was mr. Vegas – with style and a beautiful head of white hair. I met him on my very first official date with my husband. At the time i was living in Cedar City and attending Southern Utah University. Dusty asked me to meet him in St. George where he was playing in a mens fast pitch softball tournament with Alexander. I showed up, met Alex, and was instantly impressed with the mans athletic ability for his age! At the time he was 57 years old, and was playing baseball just as good as all the twenty-somethings on the field. He was kind, jovial, and competitive.

My husband didn’t grow-up with Alexander, he was raised by a Step-Dad who was another great man. Yet, over the years as I came to know Alexander – it was fascinating to see how similar Dusty and Alexander were knowing they didn’t spend any time together as Dusty was growing up. Those Forbes genes are mighty fierce! These two handsome men shared an interest in entertaining – always the life of the party, wherever they are. I’ve never known anyone else who could become best friends with strangers quicker than these two. They both sing in the shower, sing around the house, sing in the car, sing to everyone around them. They share an unparalleled competitiveness that could sometimes use a little bridling. ::smiles:: They have a common interest in entrepreneurial business. They both share a deep appreciation for the opposite sex. ha! I could guarantee you that if you were with either of these men, you are having a good time. It’s as simple as that.

Husbands step-Dad died over seventeen years ago, and his mom died a few years ago, and now his real father has passed away. There is a certain sense of orphan-ness that settles in my soul when thinking about this. We all keep the family lines going with our own children, and yet we have such legacies to carry when the torch is passed. Because my own father has also died, I think i’ve held myself together pretty well this week. Yet, our kids have had consistent moments of tears and heartache. We had been planning to have our papa visit us in Boston soon, and they feel disappointed that that trip will not happen. As i’ve tried to explain to them that papa was so full of life, that he lived every minute with zeal, he would not want us to be unhappy – he would want us to remember his joy. remember his teasing nature. He would want us to rejoice in the beauty of life,  work hard – play hard – and most specifically, to be winners. ::wink::

The thing i keep thinking about the most, is a print Alex gave us a few years ago in our last home. There is a picture of an ivory bone and in Maori it says:

Kotahi te Koowhao o te ngira,
e kuhuna ai te miro maa,
te miro pango, te miro whero.
I muri, kia mau ki te aroha,
ki te ture, me te whakapono.

the translation is:

There is but one eye of the needle through
which the white, black, and red threads
must pass. After I am gone, hold fast to
the love, to the law and to the faith.

– Pootatau Te Wherowhero

This framed print hangs near our front door, and as if Papa knew what was ahead – we will hold fast to the love.

you can read Alexander’s obituary here.

More posts with our papa here, and here, and here.

{photos by me.}


happy friday!

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friends, it’s may! we are almost half-way through the happiness project for 2012! for this month, Gretchen Rubin focuses on “Be More Serious About Play.” Leisure. what better month than may to focus on play? enjoy springtime! i’m keeping this short this month after my word-y past couple of months.

one of my favorite paragraphs from this chapter says,

Studies show that in a phenomenon called “emotional contagion,” we unconsciously catch emotions from other people — whether good moods or bad ones. Taking the time to be silly means that we’re infecting one another with good cheer, and people who enjoy silliness are one third more likely to be happy.

thoughts for this month?

go be silly. xo.

{photo by me. husband and i dining sans kids on newbury street.}


justin hackworth * 30 strangers

last year i squealed with delight when my mother, my daughters, and i were chosen to participate in justin hackworth’s 30 strangers project. we had the best time during our photo shoot with justin.  he is such a sweetheart with a project funding a great cause.

this year, we are no longer strangers to justin hackworth but YOU might be! if you have no idea who justin hackworth is: perfect. he is a very talented photographer based out of provo, utah who does this beautiful project every spring/summer.

if you are a woman, with a mother, maybe sisters, and a grand-mother, great-grand-mother, or possibly your own daughters – with a chance you’ll be near utah in june…  head over here and read more.  the deadline for participants to apply is TOMORROW, April 30th at midnight. so, hustle!

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*new to me*

happy monday my dear friends! how was your weekend?

have you seen the site, the glow?

The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.
Here you’ll find their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor.

i am in awe – go check it out!

i would just love to have the glow’s photographer visit my home, and capture moments like these with my kids and i…
simply beautiful.


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