justin hackworth * 30 strangers

last year i squealed with delight when my mother, my daughters, and i were chosen to participate in justin hackworth’s 30 strangers project. we had the best time during our photo shoot with justin.  he is such a sweetheart with a project funding a great cause.

this year, we are no longer strangers to justin hackworth but YOU might be! if you have no idea who justin hackworth is: perfect. he is a very talented photographer based out of provo, utah who does this beautiful project every spring/summer.

if you are a woman, with a mother, maybe sisters, and a grand-mother, great-grand-mother, or possibly your own daughters – with a chance you’ll be near utah in june…  head over here and read more.  the deadline for participants to apply is TOMORROW, April 30th at midnight. so, hustle!

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*new to me*

happy monday my dear friends! how was your weekend?

have you seen the site, the glow?

The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.
Here you’ll find their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and enviable decor.

i am in awe – go check it out!

i would just love to have the glow’s photographer visit my home, and capture moments like these with my kids and i…
simply beautiful.



happy weekend!

this weekend is packed with goodness. first, sela will be dancing in her first competition with the lil dance team she is on. we are all excited to cheer for her! she has already asked that we don’t forget her flowers. {the details little sis has absorbed after years of watching big sis perform!} kiana, one of her ballet friends, and i have tickets to this. girls night out! kiana is thinking about attending this dance studio next year so we are attending their 2011 show to scope-out the dance scene. myla is going to her first birthday party since we’ve moved to boston. we’ll be celebrating st. patrick’s day here. i’m making my first corned beef & cabbage dinner with advice from our local whole foods butcher. lets hope i don’t mess up! and, more of this. i’m obsessed!

what are your plans??? if you are in boston, boston mamas does a great run down of weekend events here!

{all photos by me, with these photo props.}


☘ ☘ ☘

everybody’s irish on st. patrick’s day – at least it seems like that in the USA. especially here in boston! did you know Boston held America’s first st. patrick’s day celebration in 1737, and the city is called the Irish capital of America?

if you decide to join in the fun, here are my ideas for green festivities!

on saturday morning {very early} we will dye our traditional crepes green + the kids love green milk! this year for our milk i found these adorable mason jar tumblers. i love how they look with our green stripy straws! and the kids will love using them long after st. patty’s day has come and gone.

then… did you see when danyelle blogged about these jars from anthrolpologie? i thought they were darling, but at the time i had everything i needed for valentine’s day. so, i was in anthropologie this past weekend & found green ones! so perfect for each of my girls this weekend – a little surprise to add to our breakfast table. there are so many fun ways to make these cute! for $10/jar you can’t go wrong.

you can find more ideas on my st. patty’s day pinterest board.
do you plan on participating? do you have any traditions or ideas to share? please do tell.

{all photos by me. this is not a sponsored post.}


{utah} blogger meet ‘n greet in video form

friends! how was your weekend? we returned home late last night and have jumped right back into our regular routine here in boston. our kiddos had a great winter vacation in utah – we packed every minute with play dates, our favorite food, and activities. they were sad to leave so i’ve got to keep reminding them in the next few days about what is great about living in boston! homesickness does not look good on little ones.

i’ve been so excited to share with you the highlights, photos, and videos of last weeks {utah} blogger meet ‘n greet. for me, the best part was seeing this event i’d worked on with shelby come together so beautifully. for a long time i’ve wanted an opportunity to gather bloggers + readers of blogs to tighten the unique community that is most often, only virtual.

second, it was so fun to meet some of my readers! i’ve said this before on seejaneblog, but i’ll say it again. i truly appreciate every one of you – those who leave comments + those who stop me in public to introduce yourselves because you read this blog + those of you who silently read — i appreciate you all so much.

we had the best sponsors, and the event was incredible because of each and every one.

KSL Studio 5 which is a morning show in utah was one of those sponsors in attendance at the meet ‘n greet.
just prior to the event, i was interviewed for a segment highlighting my brown kraft paper crafts —

action shot:

if you would like a peek at our event {and doily obsession!} you can click here.

there is now ha utah bloggers site that is up and running! {this will evolve in the near future – it’s a bit raw right now} you can click here to read more about the event + see a slew of pictures!

the meet’n greet was all, in one word…awesome. really. truly. awesome.

utah bloggers has great plans for the future – we can’t wait till the next event! {we’re planning good things for June} if we didn’t see you this past week, we hope to see you next time!


{photos via becky kimball, video via KSL}


design fort, a new series…

you may have noticed that over the years, i have posted a lot of pictures including “forts” around our house – hidden beds in closets + myla’s indian-style outdoor stick forts {this one was extra unique!} + piles of pillows to hide in + poolside beach towels hanging over chairs. i’ve been reflecting on how rad the “fort” is in a childs life as they are growing up. it gives them a sense of privacy and their own space. building these little pieces of kid-size architecture fuels their creativity.

i thought it would be fun to introduce a new series for see jane blog! on most fridays i will be featuring: YOU + forts. these can be forts you create by yourself or with children involved, or forts created by children. these forts can be made of quilts, tents, teepee’s, twinkle lights, couch pillows, blankets, wood, cardboard, simple, fancy, toy-size, life-size, anything! they can be inside, outside, anywhere! i’d love to see each individuals personality in the creation. maybe this project will inspire you to spend a day building a fort?  go crazy.

_ _ _

i will start with my youngest kiddo, she is one of my munchkins who inspired this series. this year sela has taken over our home with two mini abodes. you will notice she has an obsession with black & white stripes.  she dresses herself & i like her style.

to ignore the rest of the world with a book & twinkle lights overhead, truly magical. i will always love the glow of white christmas lights. hanging them on a fort gives you reason to enjoy them all year long.

both of sela’s forts these past few months have been within a few feet of my desk. while i sit and work, i get to sneak peeks of her like this –

and i literally get a crush. on repeat.

the latest cardboard house is a creative work in progress. on a daily basis, sela raids the art/craft/gift wrapping supply cupboards to find treasures to adorn her home. if you are an anthropology fan, you’ll notice their felt christmas bows on the door knob. i’m particularly fond of the tulle flowers in place of window knobs.

sela writing her stories…

there is a lot of variety in her wardrobe. some days thick black and white stripes. some days thin stripes.

sela has one rule in her house. if you are prone to scribbling – you may not color. she will find something else for you to do!

sela colors like it’s her job. she is very selective in her color choice – making sure to never match. she colors just like she dresses herself – rockin’ the freedom of expression.

she is quite the little fort-home-maker, too. keeping her mini homes organized + fills the space with snacks, and art supplies – always prepared to give her guests a handmade treasure. i love watching her busy herself with these little projects. a mini me in the making.

happy weekend my friends. our kiddos are starting winter break today, we have nine days to play.
there are sure to be more forts around here!


_ _ _

have a fort you’d like to share? i’d love to see pictures & read all about it.
you can send these to me at jane{at}prolook{dot}com.

stripey tent | my very own house

{all photos by me. edited by becky kimball.}


{utah} blogger meet ‘n greet

good-monday-morning seejaneblog readers!
all weekend i have been so excited to share this news:event with you!
on february 22nd, from 6:30-8pm, soel boutique and i will be co-hosting a {utah} bloggers meet ‘n greet! lookie, lookie:

come one, come all!  bloggers can meet bloggers; bloggers can meet their readers… the best of both worlds, really.

and lucky for everyone… soel boutique is offering 20% off one item during the event + i will be giving door prizes to the first 50 guests + we will have giveaways all evening + refreshing goodies + drinks + a photo booth + a free make ‘n take! {you can learn how to make yarn balls from elsa bags!} + it’s the perfect reason to enjoy an evening out to mingle!

head on over to all these sites to check out the goodness that will be there! {happy clicking!}

♥ sponsored by ♥
becky kimball * soel * see jane blog * milkglass and honey *
elsa bags * armelle * freshly picked * cotton & curls
modern palm * annily green * fifth and hazel * sycamore street press
zupas * {collected} * gatehouse no.1 * heirloom restaurant group
mer mag * the Alison show * the house of Smith’s * Studio 5

this is next week! i hope to see you + i’d be tickled pink if you could help us spread the news!

♥ my dear friends, we will also be collecting donations for a sweet momma, kelly during the meet ‘n greet. kelly is the best esthetician and a  genuine friend to many of the bloggers in utah county who had a major tragedy hit her life in december. if everyone can contribute just a little… together, we can make a big difference. you can read her story here.

happy monday!

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happy friday!

friends, did you buy the book? did you read it? can you believe the first month of 2012 has already come & gone? are you feeling happier? how did january go? did you begin your 2012 quest towards happiness? did you start your happy high?

i am happy to report, i slept a little more than usual. and, our house is almost-in-order. this past week i tackled the kitchen – cleaned out the fridge/pantry/food cupboards, i re-organized my art cupboards.  i did the post-christmas clean-out! raided everyone’s closets, my oldest daughter has been begging for her own room since we moved here – so yesterday we were playing musical bedrooms – i am tossing, donating, and selling. since husband is out of town, i am planning a few final projects this weekend and then we’ll be organized for a few more months! it’s a lot of work, but feels so good!

i am still working on the walk*more goal. however, i did add a few walks to my regular work-outs this month, {woo*hooo!}

but, i’ll be honest, a clean-organized home makes me very happy. and these past few days i have a spring in my step because i am reaping the rewards of my hard work!

do you remember me saying that Gretchen Rubin was the closing keynote speaker at alt. design summit?!?

i was able to spend a few minutes chatting with Gretchen before she began, she is so lovely & radiates a genuine kindness.
she told the crowd to…

cram your life with things you love.

do you do that?


keeping with my first-friday-of-the-month-happy-friday theme, i will try to quickly discuss chapter 2 for february. this chapter is so good you guys! if you are married, and you own this book but haven’t read it – at least read chapter 2!

i don’t want to give-away everything in this chapter. so, i am going to only hit on a couple of my favorite parts in order to keep this short.

in the section of chapter two titled, “no dumping,” gretchen says, “I know Jamie {her husband} wants me to be happy. in fact, the happier i seem to be, the more Jamie tries to make me happy, and when i’m unhappy —for whatever reason—Jamie goes into a funk. so, as part of my attempt to be happy, I resolved, “NO dumping,” especially on Jamie. I would bring up my worries if I really needed Jamie’s counsel or support, but i wouldn’t dump my minor troubles on him.”

oh, man. this totally applies to my marriage. in fact, when i was reading this book, husband and I were traveling in the Philippines – i frequently read passages out loud to him. When this particular paragraph came up, i read it out loud to husband and he instantly cracked his sly smile. we are so aware of this. i don’t know why, but when i dump my minor troubles on husband, he spirals into an insta-funk. do you relate?

so, in this month of love that starts with our anniversary, i am going to resist dumping! {funny statement, yes?}

later in chapter two, gretchen quotes William Butler Yeats,

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that, but simply growth.
We are happy when we are growing.

can i get an A-men?!? oh, i love that!

she continues,

Contemporary researchers make the same argument:
that it isn’t goal attainment but the process of striving after goals — that is, growth — that brings happiness.

hallelujuah! that is just beautiful. my soul leaps at those words.


i’m adding: push myself to grow this month.
my list for this goal is big. it makes me think of a quote i’ve seen lately…


to summarize –

january {i will continue to work on these}

sleep more
be organized
walk more

+ february:

no dumping

what are your goals? in-between the Super Bowl this weekend or whatever you may be doing. take a few minutes to think about all of this – happiness, here we come!

see you monday – i’ll be posting my latest new-to-me goodies!

{images via, quote by me.}

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