easter egg decorating party + free easter invitation printable

regardless of the presence or type of faith in one’s life, i feel Easter simply represents spring, and life. arriving appropriately when things are hatching and blooming and green is finally awakening under blankets of melting snow. it just seems right… to celebrate life and to include family and friends in those celebrations.

we are not seeing the signs of spring here in new england {yet}, since we woke up to a fresh six inches of snow this morning. {ugghhh…} however, we are still starting our spring traditions and this year with something new – an easter egg decorating party!

easter egg decorating party with white and brown eggs, via seejaneblog

we invited a dozen mommas + their kiddos to join us for an evening of egg decorating and dinner. open-house style.

free printable easter invitations via seejaneblog

keeping the color theme simple and modern, i printed the invitations on brown kraft paper and i used a white gel pen to fill-in all the important party information:

easter party invitations via seejaneblog

* you can download and print the happy easter invitation here! *

modern easter party invitations via seejaneblog

i fell in love with these bunny jars, so i made them to deliver with the invitations. only, i didn’t get them all delivered before the party, so we also handed them out at our party as ‘thank you for coming!’ treats. you can find the bunny jar tutorial here. i used schleich wild rabbits for our bunnies.

bunny jars with treats via seejaneblog

Easter egg decorating party with free invitation printable via seejaneblog

for the easter eggs, i wanted something simple & modern this year. we used sharpie markers, paint markers and puffy paint. i absolutely love how the white paint markers turned out on the brown eggs. easily my all-time favorite easter eggs!

decorating easter eggs with sharpie markers and paint via seejaneblog

modern easter eggs via seejaneblog

marker and paint easter eggs via seejaneblog

Easter home decor via seejaneblog

i needed something for each guest to place their finished eggs in so the eggs could travel home safely. our local whole foods market uses these tan bowls in their salad/food bar area, i’m not sure if every whole foods market uses these or not. they are typically not for sale but i inquired with the deli if i could purchase 50 of them, and they allowed me to. {yay!} we filled the bowls with natural grass {also from whole foods market}, i liked the simple-natural look.

whole foods natural containers via seejaneblog

easter egg decorating party via seejaneblog

i was so impressed with how creative everyone was! look at these:

decorating brown easter eggs via seejaneblog

modern easter egg decorating with markers via seejaneblog

this was such a fun evening, i love holidays and the Life that rises to the surface because of them. the balance of simple and extraordinary.

happy spring friends! i really hope it’s warming up where you live. xo

{photos and styling by me, Jane Beckner Rhodes. easter invitation designed by Lovely Lindsay for seejaneblog.}


happy fifteen.

i don’t even know where to begin.
and so i sit here, just staring at the screen, wanting so badly to be able to take this storm of feelings and find words that are worthy.

my baby girl turned fifteen years old yesterday.

DIY marquee letters, birthday party via seejaneblog

for starters, we had our traditional family celebration pre-breakfast…

tower of donuts in place of a cake, via seejaneblog

we are following a new trend to have a tower of donuts in place of a cake… for now, our kiddos seem to love it. {and it saves time!}

number toppers, via seejaneblog

party favors for the younger siblings…

poof balls party favors via seejaneblog

fifteenth birthday via seejaneblog

antlers plus party decor via seejaneblog

yesterday was a really rough day emotionally. and while i can only say so much about mothers, daughters, and teenagers in this space. more specifically: me and my teenage daughter. i will say, life can present the most unexpected challenges.

i’m looking through the pictures from her birthday, and i’m sitting here all kinds of weepy. i continue to think about the little bundle of brown skin and dark curly hair that was in my arms fifteen years ago. thinking about how my girl was the cutest-chubbiest of all chubby babies, and how she is the most incredibly beautiful young woman today. cue more tears.

we started our day with the family party, we woke up extra early to get out the door and have breakfast at one of our favorite local restaurants.

then… i picked her up after school and made an unexpected stop by pinkberry on the way home. secretly, i had planned a surprise yogurt bash with her girlfriends, family, and some family friends —

my favorite moment? that split second she looked up at her dad and smiled at his puckered face donning pink glasses:

pinkberry PINK party via seejaneblog

going with the “pink” theme, the bash included confetti + pink party totes filled with pink party favors:

pink party favors for a pinkberry yogurt bash via seejaneblog

kiana and girlfriends bw via seejaneblog

kiana with friends at pinkberry via seejaneblog

fun idea:

the night before this bash i was trying to create a “cake” topper that was not a candle and could be used in the yogurt when i thought of using pipe cleaners!


pipe cleaners as toppers via seejaneblog

pink glasses party via seejaneblog

pinkberry party via seejaneblog

pinkberry party with pink glasses via seejaneblog

there is more i’d like to say, but i am emotionally drained.

the weekend is almost underway, our thick snow is slowly melting, and we have a mini-massachusetts road trip planned for tomorrow. do you have any idea what that means? country music, baby. we’ll be singing our way across the open roads. do you have any plans?

happy weekend!

p.s. 38 days till the Red Sox opening game. you knew that, right?


party details:

pictures can make things look pretty and more time-consuming than they are. really, this entire day was very simple to put together.

for the marquee light letters:

i used Danni’s tutorial here via oh hello friend. i skipped a couple of steps, i wasn’t trying to make perfect marquee letters for this party, i was simply trying to get the effect – quickly. i will probably go back and improve these letters now that the party is over and i ‘m thinking about hanging them in our play room.

so, if you check out her DIY post. i used the same 12″ cardboard letters. i found mine locally at Jo-Ann’s. i cut along the edge of the letters to remove one side with a knife, i didn’t use a ruler, and didn’t leave an edge. I skipped spray paint. i planned on using a string of circle bulb lights but after calling a dozen stores here in new england and driving to a half dozen others – i couldn’t find any. this was the day before kiana’s birthday, so there wasn’t time to have any shipped to me either. so, i used one strand of white christmas lights.

i marked the holes for spacing, used a drill to make those holes, and placed one light in each hole. that’s it!

i hid most of the wires behind the letters when “happy” was standing on display on the table. since my letters are not hanging, it was challenging to get them to stay balanced and stand up straight, so i used a few zots placed on the bottom of the letters to help them stand up on the table. afterwards, these peeled right off.

poof ball party favors here. my kids loved these, they are still playing with them! think: designer spit balls. there was a serious birthday battle! big papi causing the most raucous! ::wink::

white tissue garland, here.

wrapping paper found at paper source

polka-dot totes, pink nail files, pink face wipes, polka-dot compact mirror, and pink glasses found at Forever 21.


Baptism Brunch.

baptism brunch via seejaneblog

This past weekend, KJ was baptized. After the baptism, we had friends and family gather at our home for brunch. It was such a special celebration. By tradition, kids are baptized at age eight in the LDS religion. Because KJ is almost 10, he took lessons from the missionaries and made the decision to be baptized on his own, by his request. I adore his desire to be good, and cherish his genuine, pure heart.

white on white baptism brunch via seejaneblog

To celebrate, I used a white on white theme to go along with the purity of the ceremony.  For brunch we served all of KJ’s favorites – white powdered donuts, a crepe bar with all the yummy sides, and lots of bacon.

powdered donuts

If you watch Downton Abbey, then maybe you have seen the white buntings at a special celebration {i’m editing this, because after a reader comment i realized i’d written a SPOILER ALERT!!!  SO SORRY to anyone who hadn’t gotten that far in D.A!} – this was the inspiration for using as many white garlands as i could! The buntings I used can be found here on etsy, the quality is superb. These white buntings are not your everyday buntings, i can’t say enough about the quality!  they will be cherished keepsakes forever in our family.

white on white baptism brunch

I made my first trip to the Boston flower market to choose and arrange the flowers myself. Using these white mason jar flower vases also from etsy. Each female guest took a vase of flowers home as a thank you for coming gift.

the rhodes kiddos at kj's baptism

baptism brunch menu - crepes

I need to tell you… The night before the baptism and brunch, I had an epic female meltdown around midnight. I’ve been fighting a weird virus for the second time, and all my exhaustion hit at once. After screaming at my husband and promptly going to bed, husband stayed up till 3am making seventy crepes for the brunch. best. husband. EVER.

KJ's baptism brunch

baptism brunch, crepes bar

KJ nutella crepe fan

white on white baptism brunch decor via seejaneblog

KJ's baptism brunch via seejaneblog

So it was… a group of people who all know and love KJ, with spiritual hearts we came together last weekend. celebrating my little man. and that he was, a young man. it brought my heart so much joy to see him proud of his decision. It was good…very good.


a birthday party, for myla.

we had a little party for my myla, just her closest friends and family. myla is something special – she is not fond of too much attention, or anyone causing a fuss over her… she never asks for gifts at christmas or her birthday. which makes celebrating her all the more fun, because she’s so easy to please!

this girl is a creative soul who likes simple traditions. so i mixed a few of our family traditions with a few extra artsy details to plan her party.

to start, i hired a local caricature artist, mike horvath to draw portraits at her party. this was a lot of fun. the kids all loved it! mike also worked with me to design her invitation. i gave him all the details i wanted included to match her party theme. i also took pictures of myla at home sitting on a large birch stump, and sent them to him as a reference. i loved how they turned out! ta-da:

birch-inspired birthday party custom invitations via seejaneblog {some information omitted.}

then, the party! we have a family tradition: whenever we order take-out, we dine on the floor. so, this is what we did for myla’s party. in-between dinner, and caricatures, we also did karaoke! another big family favorite. and! myla’s two requests: texas cake, and a fire.

it was a cozy way to spend the evening celebrating thirteen years…

birch party details via seejaneblog

dining on the floor birthday party via seejaneblog

dining on the floor birch style via seejaneblog

party sodas via seejaneblog

caricature birthday party via seejaneblog

sela taking her turn at karaoke

karaoke party

{husband and son are growing out their hair…}

chasing that neon rainbow karaoke

myla on karaoke, happy day

cherubs fireplace

yarn ball party hat, my girl is thirteen via seejaneblog

party favor jars, wrapped with a yarn ball via seejaneblog

cheers to thirteen, once more, myla-moosey. so proud of you, love you most, xo.

(oh. my… goodness……. i have two teenagers!!! advice is welcome.)


party details: triangle garlands were here, attached to a birch stick hung with fishing wire and push pins to the ceiling. | confetti system ornaments as cake toppers here. | triangle-blanket for floor picnic {on sale!} here. | all birch logs/stumps purchased here. | birch paper straws can be found at paper source stores, and here. | circle, and triangle-shaped felt garlands, here. | all yarn pom pom balls, made by me. tutorial linked here.  {yarn-ball party hats coming to my shop soon!}    |    lil chevron bags here. | food ordered from here. | texas cake recipe here.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}



i hosted my annual pomanders party this week. my home was oozing with the scent of oranges and cloves! it was a lovely night.

this is a fun thing to do – have you heard of a pomander? pomanders originated in the medieval times, women would stud oranges with cloves and wear them as a form of sachets to smell good. nowadays people re-create them during the holidays as a festive activity, and then you can put the oranges on display in your home as decorations. set a few in a bowl, hang them around your kitchen… the perk: they smell so good!

how to make a pomander:

  1. tie ribbon around the orange. {this is optional}
  2. using a toothpick or small nail, stab little holes in the orange as a stencil for your design.
  3. press whole cloves into these holes.

advice: purchase your oranges and whole cloves in bulk at costco for the best prices, unless you have a farmers market near you that is still open, you may be able to find better prices there.

gather those you love and spend time with them! xo.

{photos by me, follow @see_jane on instagram for seasonal festivities!}


party animals!

my sela-bella is six today! and i’m not sure why, maybe because she started kindergarten, but turning six has been a big deal for this girl. she’s been talking about it for months! so, we celebrated like party animals!

for this party, i wanted an invitation that appeared 100% custom and unique, but i didn’t want to do all the work myself.  so, this is what i did: i had a mini photo shoot at home with sela:

to make homemade confetti: use a 1″ hold punch + tissue paper colors of your choice. I recommend having the tissue paper folded in at least 4-6+ layers when punching the holes. the more layers the better, the holes will punch easier & better this way. plus, you finish faster!

then, using this card template via minted, i created a two-sided invitation. i was so pleased with the finished card:

the birthday girl! six amazing years with her in our family, and in those six years—much happiness.

as always, on these occassions i watch her a little more closely, sentimentally aware of all the ways in which she’s grown–how she expresses herself, how she speaks to her friends, how she displays both leader and follower traits, manners and a bit of craziness mixed in a way that makes me so very proud.

last friday was a vibrant selabration in many ways. and for that, i am happy.

you know what else makes me happy? our yard, our home, our current place spilling with little & big friends whose names are said many times in our home these days because, at six years old, it is quite obvious that there is a deeper recognition and appreciation for friendship. sela knows their names, who their siblings are, what colors they like, the names of their pets, who is allergic to peanuts, and who is turning six next…

i look forward to many more occasions when these party animals will once again fill the spaces in our place. friends make everything more special.

party details: petting zoo | homemade party hats | little animals | party favors

lots of ideas i collected for this party right here.

{all photos by me, jane rhodes}

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