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everything bloom :: room to bloom

today i have a beautiful new blog that i want to share with you,
and i hope you will become acquainted with… everything bloom!

About Bloom:

The Bloom Forum is your one-stop, everything-photography shop on the web. We have members, both amateurs and seasoned pros, who participate from around the world. Join a discussion, find answers to all of your photography-related questions, learn from the best and brightest photographers in the country, take exclusive online photographer workshops, and network with others who share your passion. At any given time on the Bloom Forum, you’ll find discussions and topics including photography basics, tutorials, film, post processing, contests, and business discussions.

everything bloom is featuring my home art studio today on their blog’s room to bloom series.

A Room to Bloom, seejaneblog home studio (12)

if you find the idea of me being interviewed at all interesting or you’d like to see pictures of my home art studio,
you can check it out *here.

*bloom requires registering + subscribing to their site to see this post.

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diy: how to keep pictures/frames in place for a gallery wall

do you have one, or more pictures hanging on the walls of your home that are always just a little crooked? each time you walk past it you adjust it? if you answered yes to either of these questions, i am sharing one easy tip with you today about how to cure this problem.

using sticky removable mounting squares seen below, you simply take one square, or more if the picture is bigger/heavier and needs more strength to hold it in place. place it on the bottom corners of the frame or wall art and voila! your artwork will now stay securely in place without any damage to the wall when it’s time to take it down.

this is so easy, and makes it so your gallery wall can look organized without any need to constantly adjust the wall art.

a few photos from our home, this can be found in our dining room:

this gallery goes from our main floor down a staircase to the basement. it’s still a work in progress, a few of those picture frames are still empty!

last, a peek at my husbands home-sports-office:

if you don’t have mounting squares, i found the ones pictured at Target. you can also use double sided tape, or other sticky mounting squares. just make sure the product guarantees that it doesn’t leave any residue when removed.  if you need help organizing a home gallery wall, check this out, it’s full of great tips.

happy home-decorating!

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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kiana’s bedroom makeover

so far, since moving to boston everyone has had some sort of mini bedroom makeover. whether that included fresh paint, or paint + a little bit more… i wanted to create a comfy new bedroom for each kiddo. now that kiana has her own space, here is a peek at what we did. i’m totally pleased with how inexpensive this was and how it turned out.

the bedroom is quite small, plus has a king size bed taking up most of the space! this girl loves a big bed.

one morning when we were almost finished with her room, i doodled all over that chalkboard wall while she was at school. i couldn’t wait for her to come home & read all the notes…

i mentioned that husband and i agreed to this makeover if kiana helped. one requirement: she had to sew her curtains. this originally should have included two curtains. but after the work she put into one, she might not make another one! hehe… she did great, but she had to unstitch a few times + cut off stripes a couple of times to start over. a true learning experience. it was good for her —

details about the striped bow garland can be found here.

the room gets so much natural light, that i just love being in there. i think miss fourteen loves it too!

dear future guests, if you come visit – this is still one of our guest rooms! you can see before pictures on that same link, it’s the old two tones of green bedroom.

{all photos by me.}

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paper wall art

using doilies, coffee filters, and a couple of these paper lotus kits, i created this wall collage in my girls room:

the bottom right picture are a few flowers/doilies/filters i added on the opposite side of the room around a shelf/molding to add a little pop & some balance/flow to the room.

i was very pleased with how it all turned out, and my girls went crazy over it. sela was a bit jeally of the project, so we added a few flowers and doilies in her room too.

i love working on projects around my home. in fact, it’s never complete – there is usually a work in progress somewhere. do you have anything in the works right now?

{all photos by me.}

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happy birthday…

to me!

i had a fabulous birthday {week.}

…my girlfriends planned a double-birthday lunch for me, and another girlfriend {cynthia} who’s birthday was the end of december.

we dined at bajio’s. we both left with some serious good gifts! arms full of goodies. loved the food & girl time. thank you, besties.

my husband has this tradition, of NOT buying me what i ask for. he is very loyal to this tradition. so, for a long time now {5 years} i’ve been requesting to replace a certain chandelier in our kitchen. lately, i had actually saved a link to a drum-shade light i really liked on my desktop. seriously, NEVER expecting to see it.

then on friday morning, i pulled in our driveway after being out and about, and saw big boxes on my front porch!

lo & behold, i was skipping around the house when i saw where the boxes were from! seriously. skipping.

dusty clarified for me, “it’s from the kids, not me.”

explanation: that’s why i got what i asked for…

{old chandelier}

{new beauty}

i woke up to lots of birthday wishes, my hubby gave me this! i had begged for this item last summer during my quest to figure out how to grill onions/veggies better on the grill without having so many casualties to the flames below. i can’t even believe he got me this, after all, i had asked for it! he is evolving.

my birthday was a crazy-busy day. myla had an 8:30am indoor soccer game. On her way out the door she said,

mom, i’m going to get 34 goals for you today…for your birthday!”

my competitive daughter was being completely sincere, with her hearts intent to do exactly that. she scored 4 goals. close enough for me! such a cutie.

i don’t get alot of one-on-one time with my kj-man, so between dropping kiana off at dance for the morning and taking him to tennis, he and i were able to sneak over here for their “all you can eat french toast.” it was so fun. i need to do stuff like this with him more often.

my afternoon was busy-busy, i spent most of it shopping for all my art supplies for this semester, it’s crazy how time consuming that can be!

then my big night with my hubby & friends,
my friend susan recommended we dine at Tiburon in slc, it was very yummy. i totally recommend their cinnamon ice cream with berries. run, don’t walk.

“you, me, & danny”

these people are truly the gems in my life, dear dear friends…

after dinner, we headed out to my old stompin’ grounds, west valley city {where i attended h.s. at Granger high school}

we went country dancing here, and had a blast! how lucky can one girl be?!?

in the midst of all this, it was so fun to get all the birthday love on facebook. my friend megan who owns, “the sweet tooth fairy bakery,” left me a message on my FB wall that she had dropped of a little something on my front porch for me. i thought, “are you serious? how on earth does the girl have time to think of people on their birthdays?!?”

she is amazing.

i am a big fan of cake bites, and megan had dropped off the cutest little box – an assortment of cake bites! i didn’t even know she was making cake bites in so many flavors! i am a true fan of the original cake bites, truly, they are heavenly. and i’ve tried the seasonal ones she’s made for like halloween-thanksgiving {pumpkin-flavored} but WOW! there was vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, oh my my.

and, my own little cupcake!

** another year older, another year wiser. **

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