i’m sometimes jane, sometimes franny.  confused?  you should be.  a friendly battle of wits about what I was to be named as a baby left me unsure of my “real” name most of my childhood.  but, despite my uncertainties, i am sure of this:  i love art and design in all forms.  i’m a wife, mother, blogger, stylist, graphic and interior designer.  anything that begs for beauty.  and i love yoga {especially hot yoga} and good food – and those may or may not be in order of preference.  i was born in juneau, alaska. i lived in the beautiful northwest {montesano, washington} till I was a young teenager, then moved to utah where i was for 22 years with time frequently spent in asia. right this minute: i am calling boston home – after you read my husbands bio, you’ll find out why.

husband was my college sweetheart. dancer falls in love with a football player, so cliché’, but a very fierce love. we married young,  and we spent the first couple years of our marriage teaching english in south korea, and traveling around southeast asia. we eventually returned home to the usa to finish school, have babies, and start our careers…

see jane blog is the place where i babble about all the things i love — most importantly, my husband and kids,+ my unhealthy obsession with design + my latest creations + our travels.  please remember: you are here by your own free will, so please be kind. what goes around, comes around…keep the circle positive & loving. {i strongly believe in karma!} i cherish connecting with my readers. so please leave a comment, it will truly make my day!


born and raised on a cattle ranch in the desert of southern nevada. he was the handsome small town boy waiting to get out of the small town. and he’s even better looking than when i met him! the best dad.  has always loved sports, and turned that love into his career by starting up a custom team sportswear company.  Pro Look Sports. because he’s often in Asia, our family time is sacrosanct.

being from nevada, there are no pro-sports-teams, and at a young age he became fond of all-things-boston. meaning: year-round we are either cheering for the Celtics, Patriots, or his beloved red sox.   it goes without saying, this man is always the life of the party. and, he is my dearest {and sexiest} see jane blog fan. so… as crazy as it sounds, yes, we are living in boston for the Red Sox and to explore the east coast as a family… indefinitely.




the kids:

{kiana} a.k.a. bearzy

our 15-year old fashionista, like most modern teens she surrounds herself with friends and fun – and we swear that tearing her iPhone from her would be like tearing off an arm.  But luckily she’s wildly creative, intelligent, and happily busy, so we overlook her hours spent texting and watching “the kardashians.”  (she wishes she was a kardashian, after all her name does start with K.) it’s all about balance, right? Right?

{myla} a.k.a. moosey

thirteen. is our tennis-obsessed girl who knows she’s “going to make us all rich one day” playing grand slams.  she’s equally passionate and sensitive, creative and athletic.  she thinks we need a dog.  NEED. double fault on that one!

{kj} a.k.a. gator

our 10-year-old tech prodigy cub scout.  He has to have inherited some sort of Red Sox gene from his papi, though he’s warming to the crazy competitive sport of dodgeball.  yeah, dodgeball.  It’s a big deal here – he even goes with his buds to a dodgeball class. He’s the left-brainer fighting for time in a house full of right-brainers and he’s holding his own like a champ.

{sela} a.k.a. sparkles & sea lion (when you’re the baby – you get more than one nickname)

six. and-a-half. is our little raven-haired caboose. She is sweet and confident {read: strong-willed}.  she loves stripes, and doing her own creative projects – I’m amazed at how this little bug is so packed with creativity.  She’s my little shadow and always within five feet of me.  Even when I”m working – she’s got her own “work” desk.