DIY yarn-wrapped canvas

creating change. since i took down my christmas decorations i’ve been craving change. something new. specifically: a new large piece of art. so, this is what i did:

i picked up a 36″ x 48″ white canvas with my 40% off coupon from JoAnns. i chose some new thick wool yarn in an almost-ombre selection of colors + red, and started wrapping my canvas! the red was chosen in honor of valentines day.

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

all you need:

  • canvas
  • yarn
  • scissors

DIY yarn wrapped canvas supplies via seejaneblog

when the blizzard came to town, i had plenty of time to wrap yarn around a canvas! from start to finish, this entire project took me about ninety minutes. i started and finished each color by a simple knot on the back of the canvas as seen here:

DIY yarn wrapped canvas how-to via seejaneblog

that little section of red… i plan on switching it out with other colors depending on the season. next: an emerald green for st. patrick’s day. then: a mustard yellow for spring and summer!

DIY yarn wrapped canvas up close via seejaneblog

this is the cherub babies month to shine!!!

DIY yarn wrapped canvas via seejaneblog

if what you seek doesn’t exist, create it. in art. in life.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}