chalkboard wall

since seeing this playroom chalkboard wall, and the inspiration bonbon shared, i have really been itchin’ to get a chalkboard wall painted! after i took down our christmas decor, and before we hosted our nye party…

i got my chalkboard wall!

of course, like most home makeovers, this project included a couple of steps i didn’t expect. for example, dusty and i made our trip to lowe’s, purchased our paint supplies and then i expected to just come home, tape the walls and start painting.


dusty & danny decided to apply some spackling, sand the texture down, making sure the chalkboard turned out smooth, then we started painting. kids included.

my previous cork board, covered in holidays cards, and prior to taking it down…

kj’s comment while painting,
“…this is the happiest day of my life,
i have always wanted to paint!

while sela was singing, “…we’re a happy family!

having a family quarrel? trying painting…

first home make-over project for 2010, finished before the end of 2009!
the ball is rolling!

right this minute: a little reminder on the chalkboard about my birthday {tomorrow} !