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Blind letterpress via seejaneblogSo… you may have noticed there’s a new look here at See Jane Blog. It’s been a work in progress over the past six months. I’ve been working tightly on the design and programming with a group out of India. I did a soft launch last week without announcing the new branding to hopefully work out the kinks before anyone started finding them for me.

However, it’s now time that I’m asking for your help! As you click around – please let me know via email or a comment here what is not working? There are still a lot of lay-out changes to take place in the next couple of weeks and I’m adding a few more details, it all takes time. But, for the most part – the new site is up and running!

You will notice – with the new site is a new shop! Over the years I have enjoyed offering printable designs for free, but now they are one dollar. The day has come that I am attempting to make a small income for the time I invest here, and I hope you will each accept that logic without any hard feelings. Also, for future little retreats – you will purchase tickets in my shop!

With a new look came new business cards! I handed these out last week at Alt Summit and loved watching peoples reactions when I handed them what appeared to be a blank white card. I absolutely love the minimalistic blind letterpress on one side with my information on the other. I worked on the design with Stephanie Ford of Simply Radiant, and the cards were printed locally by Paper Bandit Press. They both did a phenomenal job.

Blind letterpress JANE via seejaneblog
Blind letterpress, minimalist business cards via seejaneblog
modern blind letterpress, minimalist business cards via seejaneblog
Frank Lloyd Wright in business cards via seejaneblog
Frank Lloyd Wright in JANE business cards style via seejaneblog
I attempted to build a Frank Lloyd Wright style home with my new cards… this was the best way I’ve wasted time this week!

Photography by me, Jane Rhodes.

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HIVE connected HUB via seejaneblog
Have you been asking yourself, “what is Hive?” What is the buzz all about??? I’m here to tell you –

Hive is a new technology-driven company that by using their products you can make your home a smart home that everyone wants and anyone can afford. Complete security, automation, and whole home audio experience.

The team behind Hive has been working for years to launch their ideas, and TODAY their kickstarter launched!

It’s very exciting.

Hive connected HUB product via seejaneblog
Hive works wherever you live – in a small downtown apartment or a large country manor. It’s designed to completely simplify your connection to your home and protect everyone, and everything, inside it.

The automation allows you to easily control your lights, locks, electronics, appliances and other connected devices from anywhere. (I LOVE these type of options available at my fingertips!!!)

You can have true peace of mind knowing what is happening at your home, even when you are far away. And, you can fill your home with music and entertainment with the revolutionary wireless smart home audio solution.

What I like best about the Hive products is that if you move – they all go with you! Ideal for college students, if you are renting your home, and more!
Hive connected - how it works via seejaneblog
How does it work? The white gadget you see that is sleek, and thin – can sit anywhere in your home. A kitchen counter, desk, a coffee table, anywhere! And the black speakers just plug right in to outlets! It’s THAT easy.
If this interests you, and you’d like to invest in the product or help spread the word about Hive, their kickstarter, and the future of home automation –

Click HERE to join the community – code: janerhodes, if you help spread the buzz you get paid!!!

Click HERE to back the kickstarter!

Readers! What do you think? Does the home automation interest you? Hive is based out of Utah, and I can’t wait to see where their future leads. Local love!
Hive connected HUB up close via seejaneblog
Photography by Becky Kimball, styled by me – Jane Rhodes, Hive product images via Hive.

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HIVE Alt summit mini party

Tokyo dream event for HIVE via seejaneblogI attended Alt Summit last week, and while I taught a round table about how to make videos for instagram, I also helped plan an event that turned out to be soooooo fun!!! This mini party was for the sponsor, “Hive,” and the theme was “Tokyo dream.” This theme turned out to be one of my all-time favorites to work with! And, being one of the four hosts for Hive was the best part! It was great working with the other three bloggers – If you are curious what this company, “HIVE” is about – I’m thrilled to invite you to be a part of it —


If you go to the site from a different device, my code is janerhodes

HIVE connected Alt Summit mini party SWAG boxes via seejaneblog
origami photo booth backdrop via seejaneblog
Tokyo dream themed party for HIVE via seejaneblog
see jane japanese
Heart lips bar, Tokyo party idea via seejaneblog
HIVE Alt summit party with girlfriends via seejaneblog
HIVE connected event for Alt summit planned by Hailey Devine, Ginger Parrish, Ashley Nackos, and Jane Rhodes via seejaneblog What is Hive??? Hive is: Smart home, security and entertainment for everyone. The “Hub” and “speaker” you see below are two of their staple products that allow you to easily connect and control your lights, locks, electronics, appliances, and any other smart devices from a single place. Hive Hub is compatible with many of today’s connectivity standards including Z-wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Honeywell, and 2gig. Hive Hub allows connectivity to more smart devices than any other hub on the market today, including 500 million smart devices in homes today, and billions more coming to market in the next few years. Hive Hub and all of Hive’s companion products are delivered synced together, so your customized kit for the home is ultra easy to install – you just plug it in and it works!

I’m posting more about these products tomorrow – with pictures of them in my home!

HIVE connected products via seejaneblog
HIVE connected Alt Summit mini party, Tokyo dream theme via seejaneblog
TOKYO dream theme party with Panda via seejaneblog
HIVE Alt Summit SWAG boxes via seejaneblog
pink food truck to serve drinks HIVE connected event at Alt Summit, Tokyo Dream party theme via seejaneblog

Party details: Event planning and styling by myself – Jane Rhodes, Hailey Devine of Something Devine blog and Haugen Creative, Ginger Parrish of The Parrish Place blog, and Ashley Nackos of Merit and Vine floral design and Arvowear. LED dance floor and LED furniture by: In the Event. My hair styled by Rubi Jones, and makeup on all four party hosts by Jill Marie.

Photography by the extraordinarily talented Tyson French.

*This post is not sponsored, I worked with Hive voluntarily for this event and am in awe of their products. I am a tech-loving girl, so they appeal to me, and Hive’s kickstarter starts tomorrow, I can’t wait to tell you more. Have you already heard of them and their products???

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Masquerade via seejaneblog
teen cooking via seejaneblog
tween style via seejaneblog
Sela with her gold mine of jewelry via seejaneblog
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: Had “Preference” on Saturday. This is a girls choice semi-formal in Utah. She had five couples in her group – all good friends, masquerade was the theme. They went to breakfast and ice skating on her day date. Then I took their pictures at our house, the group had dinner at Tepanyaki’s, went to the dance, and went to her friend Tatum’s house afterwards for S’mores and a movie.

Myla: Preparing an egg for her puppy. One at breakfast. One at dinner time.

KJ: He took a four hour test on Saturday for an honors program next year in junior high. When I picked him up afterwards and asked, “How was the test?” He replied, “In the science section, there was a question: What is the outer shell of a nuclear micro-organism? WHAT IS THAT?” He was dying laughing.

Sela: I helped host a Japanese themed event this past week, and we had a motherload of extra accessories from styling outfits. I brought the bag of items home for her (mostly from Claire’s boutique) – she grabbed it, ran to her room, dumped everything out on her bed and told me, “This is all going to look so good with my street style outfits!!!” ha!

Wellesley Baloo: We worked on her fielding skills this past week. She does best with grounders.

Photos by me, Jane Rhodes. Edited by my daughter, Kiana Rhodes.

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teenage driver via seejaneblog

longboarding in the winter via seejaneblog

scootering in the winter via seejaneblog

sitting on a longboard sitboarding via seejaneblog

australian labradoodle puppy longboarding in utah via seejaneblog

A portrait of my children (and puppy), once a week, every week, in 2015.

Kiana: She is on her first official high school weekend trip with friends this weekend!!! She borrowed her dad’s truck to drive her friends and herself to southern Utah. Before she left I warned her about the overly zealous highway patrol that monitor I-15 between Northern and Southern Utah. Regardless of the warning, she got her first speeding ticket on the way to St. George on Friday. Live and Learn.

Myla: She’s currently playing indoor soccer, taking indoor golf lessons, and training indoors for tennis.  Thank goodness the temperatures were in the low fifties today and she was able to do something active – OUTDOORS!!!

KJ: He’s always speaking in techy terms… He’ll say things like, “I’m the new KJ 11.0″, “I just had an update” — so we now relate such phrases to peoples birthdays. I just had my 39.0 update, and KJ is launching his update in April to the 12.0. *we’re nerds*

Sela: Red lipstick phase. She really loves lipstick.

Wellesley Baloo: It took a LOT of puppy treats to get her to stay on that longboard. She does NOT like it! But we are hoping she’ll learn to like it and learn to hop on the board with Myla all the time!

All pictures by me, Jane Rhodes.

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